Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Starting From $40.00

Looking for a new and fun way to entertain your guests? Disc golf is a low-impact sport that borrows elements from ultimate frisbee and golf. Using a special basket attached to a pole, participants try to get their disks into the basket from the designated tee area. If they don’t get a disc-in-one, the player keeps throwing shots at the basket from where the disc lands until it makes it into the basket. The goal is to have the lowest number of total throws, just like golf.

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Day Rental

Extra Day 






What’s Included:

  • 1 basket with stakes.
  • 6 discs with carrying case.

Available Enhancements:

  • Brand the flying disks with your logo or your wedding graphic.

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**FREE Delivery with a minimum order of $99 in rentals, or pick-up available. Travel fee applies for events outside of Penticton City limits.


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