Street Fighter II Arcade Game

Street Fighter II Arcade Game

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In need of a nostalgia fix? Then go head-to-head in an old-school match of Street Fighter! Initially developed by Capcom and released in 1987, Street Fighter II is a popular head-to-head fighting game in which the player is required to drain down the energy level of his or her opponent within the allotted time. The best of three wins the overall game. Just like in the original game, the player is able to perform multiple moves using different combinations of these six buttons.

Street Fighter II comes packed with 12 games including Street Fighter. Street Fighter II: World Warrior 3. Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super SF II the New Challengers, Super Street Fighter II turbo, Strider, Commando, Final Fight, Ghost n Goblins, and 1944.

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